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Water & Ice On Demand

Residential and Commercial Water & Ice Delivery

We are the only water delivery business in Las Cruces, that delivers purified water ON DEMAND in 3 or 5 gallon bottles.

We've implemented a procedure that allows YOU, the customer, the flexibility to order your water WHEN you need it and not when we say you do.

How it works

Commercial and Residential - We will initially set you up with four, 5 gallon or five, 3 gallon polycarbonate bottles of purified water or more depending on your need. We will also provide you with a Cooler Rental if needed, or you can use your own cooler.


We ask our new accounts to let us know when they place their last bottle on the dispenser with a courtesy call, we will then place you on a “regular” delivery after that. It is that simple!

We can also deliver 8lb or 20lb bags of purified ice. (based on quantity)

Water Cooler Sales & Rental Available

We have water dispensers in stock for purchase, either Hot/Cold or Cook/Cold.

We also lease our dispensers with Residential or Commercial Delivery accounts.

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Water Cooler Maintenance Tips

If you are leasing or purchasing a water cooler from "The Water Store-n-More" here are some water cooler maintenance tips.

  • Water Reservoir - Fill the reservoir with purified water and pour a teaspoon full of Clorox. Let it sit in the reservoir for approximately 5 minutes. Scrub reservoir with a non-abrasive cleaning sponge.

  • Drain the reservoir and rise at least 3 times by letting the water run through the faucet.

  • Condenser - Must be maintained free of dust and lint. The condenser must be regularly inspected and cleaned with a soft brush. Lint and dust can also be removed by using a vacuum cleaner.

  • Drip Tray - The drip tray should be emptied and cleaned regularly. To remove pull receptacle straight-forward from the cabinet.

  • Other Parts - Bottle ring, drip tray, and shelf can be cleaned regularly. To remove, pull receptacle straight forward from the cabinet.

  • Storage - If the cooler is removed from service for any reason, the water must be completely drained from the system, and the cooler should be stored standing upright.

Caution: Reservoir must be filled with purified water before connecting the electrical source. Please do not use potable community water.

  • If the water reservoir is emptied for any reason, the system must be unplugged. If you are unable to perform the above-recommended cleaning, we are currently offering a "Dispenser Maintenance" special of only $45.00 plus tax.


Please call us at (575) 522-0840 to schedule your cooler maintenance.

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